Offender Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Programs – Akeela provides intensive outpatient programs to inmates with a substance use disorder who assess at an ASAM II.1 level, at least. The programs is approximately 90 days in length with continuing care coordinated by the primary counselors either at their discharge location or in the prison if they have more time to serve. This service is provided in the following institutions and communities:

  • Nome – Anvil Mountain Correctional Center
  • Fairbanks – Fairbanks Correctional Center
  • Sutton – Palmer Correctional Center
  • Kenai – Wildwood Correctional Center
  • Seward – Spring Creek Correctional Center
  • Juneau – Lemon Creek Correctional Center

In addition, an intensive outpatient program is provided by our Anchorage outpatient program to probationers and inmates living in halfway houses in Anchorage and Bethel.

360 W. Benson Blvd.,  Anchorage, AK 99503 | (907) 565-1200

Assessment and Referral
We provide assessment and referral services to inmates located in the correctional facilities in Anchorage and Palmer and pre-treatment services in Bethel, and Nome. Inmates can receive an assessment followed by referral either to institutional located programs if they are facing long term sentences, or they may be referred to substance use programs in the communities to which they will be released.

360 W. Benson Blvd., Anchorage, AK  99503 | (907) 565-1200

Residential Treatment
A modified Therapeutic Community program is provided in Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, the women’s facility. It serves 32 women at any one time with each of them having approximately six months in treatment.

9109 Hesterberger Rd., Eagle River, 99677 | (907) 694-9511

Mental Health Emergency Services
Akeela’s Gateway Center provides mental health services to inmates of the Ketchikan Correctional Center. The emergency nature of the services makes it an on-call service, so we respond to calls from the institution for support.

3052 5th Avenue, Ketchikan, AK  99901 | (907) 565-1200