Anchorage Programs

Akeela House Recovery Center
Akeela House is a 48-bed adult, co-ed, long-term, residential therapeutic community treatment program serving clients with an ASAM III.5 assessment. The majority are also dually diagnosed, so we also provide services for co-occurring disorders. The State funds 21 beds and we have contracts that support an additional four to five beds.

Akeela Outpatient Program

This is a fee for service program serving men and women who assess at the ASAM I or II.1 level. Available are outpatient and intensive outpatient services that offers group and individual counseling for 12 to 18 weeks with an emphasis on relapse prevention.

Assessment Center

Centrally located to all of Akeela’s programs is a new full-service assessment center through which applicant clients needing mental health or substance use treatment services can receive the assessment appropriate to their needs and then be referred to the treatment service the meets their specific treatment requirements and can also provide service to other providers in the community.

360 W. Benson Blvd., Anchorage, AK 99503 | (907) 433-7080

Transitional Housing
Fourteen apartments providing 29 bedrooms are available providing affordable, safe, and drug and alcohol free living for clients coming out of our treatment programs. We support these units with a case manager who works to make sure they are staying clean and sober, coordinates other services for them and assists them to find employment.

Family Programming

Stepping Stones Residential Program – Stepping Stones is a long-term treatment program serving women assessed at an ASAM III.3 level and the children who live with their mothers in 15 individual apartments. It serves individuals with co-occurring disorders and it provides day care for the children while mothers are attending treatment. Most of the women are involved with OCS and are working to regain and retain custody of their children.

Akeela Women and Families Program

This program provides outpatient services to women who are assessed at the ASAM I or II.1 level. It offers group and individual counseling for 12 to 18 weeks with an emphasis on relapse prevention.

OCS Case Management Program

The participants in this program are all referred by the Office of Children’s Service because they are at risk of losing custody of their children unless they complete substance use disorder treatment and turn their family life around. Included is intensive case management for families under the supervision of the Office of Children’s Services.

Family Care Court

A division of the Therapeutic Court System, Family Care Court serves women in need of substance use disorder services whose children are wards of the State’s Office of Children’s Services. They are admitted for treatment at either our women’s outpatient or our women’s residential program. Family services are provided through this program including case management that includes home visits, and mental health treatment for children.

Mental Health Outpatient Services

We provide individual and group counseling and rehabilitation services for all ages. Included are psychiatric services and play and drama therapy with an emphasis on providing a family trauma program serving women and children suffering from trauma. This program also provides services to treatment clients in our Anchorage based substance use programs that need mental health services.