Prevention & Training


 Akeela, through our prevention and early intervention services, believes in the innate resiliency of all people.  Our prevention and early intervention services engage individuals, families, schools, and communities from a strengths-based perspective, to enhance protective factors for healthy lifestyles and reduce risk factors for behavioral health problems.  In partnership with the communities we serve, we design our services to be comprehensive, evidence based, grounded in risk and resiliency theory, culturally responsive and thoroughly evaluated.


For more than a decade, Akeela’s Prevention, Early Intervention and Training department has evolved around the 1994 Institute of Medicine (IOM) continuum of care classification system. Currently we have prevention and early intervention efforts that are promotional in nature as well as targeting universal, selective and indicated populations. Akeela Prevention completes and complements our clinical and aftercare programs which result in a comprehensive array of behavioral health services.