Early Intervention/ASAP

Alcohol Safety Action and Juvenile Alcohol Safety Action Programs (ASAP & JASAP) – Provided as an intervention program, ASAP addresses driving offenses involving a mind altering substance. Individuals found guilty of a driving offense are screened and referred to a treatment program for an assessment with treatment to follow if the assessment indicates treatment is needed, or individuals are referred to an alcohol/driving training program. Staff provides client monitor for the program participants to assure clients comply with the recommendations. The program is available to both adults and juveniles in Kenai, Homer, and Ketchikan.

Alcohol and Drug Information School – A certified program is provide to educate adults found to be driving while impaired or to juveniles involved in underage drinking. The goal is to provide individuals with information that will prevent them from re-offending. The program is provided in Ketchikan and Anchorage.